It’s wonderful to step out on a Saturday morning to a breakfast at my esteem A&W with the girls again. Now if I can have my Saturday morning swim back at the YWCA it would be perfect. Perhaps that’s asking too much all at once. Be grateful for what I have now. And I am. I can, perhaps check out other pools but I am a creature of habit. I like the familiar. At my age, it is ok. I am adventuresome enough. I don’t need new challenges. I can wait and see.

I am stretching myself now by writing a second post for the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Yesterday we had a road trip. It’s a good reason to step away from my keyboard to have a tiny rest. A break sometimes is helpful in giving us a new perspective. I’ve been away from A&W for 2 years now except for one visit last summer. Absence has made me see how much I take things for granted. I now have so much more appreciation of all the small and ordinary things like breakfast at A&W.

There is nothing fancy about A&W but I love the big windows looking out onto 8th street. I love the bright red of the booths. I find the atmosphere conducive to easy exchange of conversation. And the food is good. What can go wrong with bacon, eggs and toast, eh? This morning I had the whole enchilada – bacon, sausages, eggs, hashbrowns, toast and coffee. I guess that’s a bit heavy on the calories. It’s breakfast and lunch. I can afford the extra calories. I am back at exercising Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Life is good.

5 thoughts on “BREAKFAST AT A&W

  1. Before the pandemic, we used to go out for breakfast/brunch every Sunday morning. It was our little weekend ritual. I would order a big pot of coffee, and we would sit down to enjoy a delicious meal together. But now, with the pandemic, we’ve had to change our routine.

    These days, I do the cooking at home, and we have a great meal at home.

    We still get takeout once in a while, but eating out is still a really rare occasion.

  2. When I first saw “A&W”, I thought about the root beer shop down south. LOL

    I love getting brunch myself. Sundays are good days to make it as well. We don’t eat out very often any more so we either buy it to bring it home or make it at home. Sometimes, the simpler the better!

  3. it has been a long long time since we went out for breakfast while at home.. (nowadays, we end up eating out only when traveling)..

  4. Seeing that you finally got back to your beloved breakfast restaurant makes me so happy!!! Never mind the calories, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed the food and the company (and the fact you didn’t have to cook yourself)!

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