Day 10 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Another new day. Another new page. It is a grey morning. 1℃ outside at 8:30 in the morning. Snow and wind in the forecast. Meanwhile in the greenhouse, it is 8.9℃. The rock thermal wall and the buckets of water are doing their job well. I did not drop the shade cloth/blanket under the ceiling last night. I thought it wouldn’t hurt and might help to have a little chill for the greens and snow peas. The greens are forming their first true leaves now. The snow peas popping up in rows. I am pleased. I think we can have a fresh salad or two by end of April.

I am feeling a bit frazzled by the challenges I have undertaken. My mind is always preoccupied – thinking, thinking and more thinking. Good thing I still have presence of mind to refill my medication ahead of time. But I forgot to pick it up till now when I’m filling my week’s pill box. It will be a good reason to walk to the pharmacy later on, snow or no snow. It’s a good reason to slow down, organize and find ways of working smarter and better. What are the ways? Here are some that I’ve found on the world wide web:

  • stop multitasking
  • take more breaks
  • front load your week
  • chunk similar tasks together
  • schedule tasks according to your energy level
  • cut down your to do list
  • take an afternoon nap
  • turn off notifications
  • switch back to pen and paper
  • track your time and productivity
  • spend time in nature
  • get up early
  • set up a start date for tasks
  • delegate more
  • know when to quit
  • don’t wait for motivation
  • manage your surroundings
  • declutter

Here’s what I am doing at present.

  • I am getting up early. Usually between 6 and 7 am. I meditate for 20 minutes. Sometimes I work on Wordle and or watch YouTube on gardening and art. Sometimes I work on my drawings if there is time before breakfast.
  • I have a small to-do list each day for April. The must include a drawing for #the100dayproject, a photo for Susannah Conway’s April Love and a post for the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I fit in other things according to priority.
  • I do chunk similar tasks together. I can’t think of examples right now.
  • I don’t wait for motivation. I get motivated once I start.
  • I don’t multitask.

What I could/should do.

  • Review my goals more often. Why I am in the Ultimate Blog Challenge – it’s my venting, meditative space and to improve my writing. I want to strive for content, clarity and brevity. More doesn’t always mean better.
  • I don’t manage my environment well. I am easily distracted. So I could set a limit to my scrolling whilst on the keyboard. Allowing myself to read one article is a do-able limit.
  • I have clutter. It’s a tough one for me to clear. Maybe I should start with my head first. I have so many thoughts running around it’s amazing I can get anything done. I have to work on bringing my attention back to my breath more often during my morning meditation.
  • I don’t know when to quit. It’s a good time to practice that now. Readers will be thankful for brevity. I know I am.


  1. Lily, gosh, even your simplifying list is complicated! I say that with empathy b/c I am supposed to be on a cut-back load, but my creativity insists I must do these many wonderful things. And they are wonderful!

  2. Loved reading this, I thought I was the only one. I started to try and organize in March and have a list of things to do similar to yours. One of the biggest things I try to do is stop multitasking, but batch tasks too, I love writing lists so have a million of them and need to declutter as well. I am finding having a daily task list, weekly and monthly helps me to focus on just those tasks for the day. I am also doing the 100 day challenge and I decided not to stress if I don’t post. Thank you for sharing

  3. This sounds all too familiar.
    What does “front load your week” mean? Get the big priorities done early in the week?
    I got a new phone for Christmas, and upon configuring it, I switched off almost all the notifications. This brought me a surprising amount of peace. Way less distraction.

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