Another Saturday morning coming down. It’s a bit cloudy with the sun making a strong push to shine through. I’m looking forward to stepping out to meet a couple of gals for breakfast. I like to put down a few words first to find an opening for a conversation/post. If I leave things too long, it’s a bit tough to get started. That’s something to remember for everything. Don’t procrastinate. You might not get this opportunity again.

We had a road trip yesterday. It was a nice break to get out of town and our every day hum drums. It was a chance to check out how the guy’s sailboat fared at the marina over the winter. It was quite a sight to see all the boats up in the parking lot. We thought it would be a treat to dine in a small town restaurant but we forgot that small town diners doesn’t necessarily mean small prices. I would not have minded much if the food was hot and delicious. I can’t say that it was bad but the cheeseburger soup was salty and lukewarm. The beef melt on a bun was tasteless. Not really complaining but I’m much more appreciative of our home cooked meals.

We had a nice day and drive to and from. I got to see the Saskatchewan landscape in spring time. The new artist in me paid more attention to the splendour of the trees and nature’s palette. It was a day well spent.

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