It is day 2 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I better seize the momentum of this newness to get going. I was going to reward myself after writing this post, but I failed the delayed gratification test. I already had my bowl of frozen maple walnut yogurt. It’s hot and I’m sweaty from freezing peas, doing the lunch dishes and watering part of the garden with the grey water. It’s a bit of a chore but well worth my effort. I didn’t realize how much grey water we let go down the drain until I started collecting it. I collect mostly just from washing lunch dishes. It can get labour intensive. I don’t have enough energy and stamina to do more. I have to be prudent with my resources.

Morning seem to be my most energetic self this summer. I try not to squander it away by being slothful and grumpy. I got myself off to an early start by booking an 8 am swim. Life is easier with commitments. Without, I am lost and adrift in the sea of freedom. Today I am rewarded with the pool all to myself. My grumpiness and frown are smoothed away in the water of the pool. There’s no worry of being too slow and having my toes grabbed from behind. I luxuriated in the peace and aloneness of just me and the life guard.

I love these mornings when I can get off to a good start. I can have them every day. It’s really up to me to make it happen. I had time to reflect on how as I swam up and down the lengths of the pool. I can choose to do the things I love, think the thoughts that build me up, spend time with positive people and those who are truly friends. I do have choices and control of many things that affect my well being. Now that I am more cognizant I can do better. I know I am not as grumpy as I used to be. I must be heading in the right direction.

The time after my morning swim is also perfect for heading to our community garden to weed, harvest and water. I am cooled and relaxed, ready to withstand the summer heat. And mornings are generally a bit cooler. It is wonderful to see all the greens of our efforts in the bright summer sun. It is not work but therapy for a gardener’s soul. Since it is a community garden I am happy and honoured to help another gardener water her plot. To be of service to another also adds to my well being. In return she has given me seedlings and apple sauce. Relationships is about reciprocity. Here are some of our happy plots.

10 thoughts on “SEIZE THE DAY

  1. I am starting to walk in the mornings again as long as it isn’t too hot. I love how it clears my head – like swimming does for you. Isn’t it nice to just do something for yourself? And then, you get to do something for others by helping in their garden. Just keep swimming…

  2. I agree with Elisa. I need to start walking again early in the morning to get my day going. In the past, when I did that it was so refreshing and rejuvenating. Thanks for this blog.

  3. I am not near a pool but like to start my day early with a walk on along the shore. Then, like you, water (from the rain barrel), weed and tend the garden. It is a time consuming task at this time of year but well worth it, especially when it is time to harvest. Like you, love to share with neighbours – we exchange seeds, seedlings and fruits of the harvest. It does south the soul. Happy gardening.

    1. Thank you for coming by. This summer is so unusually hot and dry. We have lots of rain barrels but nothing to catch. Fortunately I can afford to use city water so my garden is doing well.

  4. Your garden looks amazing! I think the same way, I love gardening and it’s like therapy. Lia has had fun this season, planting, harvesting and cooking and freezing some vegetables.

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