It’s day 3 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I’m feeling challenged to get the words onto the page. It has been overcast most of the day. It is cooler, but the house is still fairly warm from yesterday’s heat. The low during the night was 22℃. Still any temperature under 30℃ is a good day to bake bread.

It’s good that I’m an early bird since retirement. I’ve learned to get moving in the mornings during these hot, hot summer days. Seems like we are living under a heat dome. And there hasn’t been a break. This could be our NEW NORMAL. I better adjust and adapt. I can still live my best life. No need to cry Woe is me! That isn’t going to change anything. What is here is here. Does anyone hear any alarm bells besides me? No matter. I will proceed as best as I can.

This is turning out to be a laborious task. I’m toiling over my keyboard, pecking a letter at a time. The words, sentences and thoughts are difficult to organize. And dang! when I got a whole paragraph, I hit a wrong key and the whole thing disappeared. Pardon me while I cry ‘Woe is me!’ Baking bread is much easier. I know all the steps and measurements. I only messed up once and killed the yeast because the water was too hot. I ended up with unleavened dough for 6 loaves of bread. It wasn’t really a disaster. It made delicious flat bread and pizza dough. Most of the time I am overflowing with success.

Today was no exception. 6 beautiful golden loaves came out of the oven. The work doesn’t end there. It starts there with the clean up of endless washing of this, that and many other things. But apparently it is all worth the effort. I continue to do it as I continue to do the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Oh boy! what a struggle.

8 thoughts on “A SLOW BAKE TUESDAY

  1. Lily, how vividly I can imagine your weather and the moisture in your kitchen! I used to bake a lot, and I can virtually smell the fragrance of your amazing 6 loaves baking. Thanks for the transport moments!

    1. When you lose a whole paragraph have you tried hitting Control button and Z at the same time? This should bring it back if you haven’t typed anything since it poofed. Your bread looks delicious and I’m anxious to get making some. My new own has a bread proof mode that I have to learn about!

      1. Thanks for the tip, Martha. Have to remember that for next time a paragraph disappears. In this weather, I did not have to use the proof but it is nice for winter.

  2. your words never fail to move me (even those missing ones for today).. and those loaves look amazing.. i am yet to try sourdough bread though i have had some success with pizza.

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