Relax Your Shoulders

Not to dwell on things, there are 439 new cases of Covid-19 in Saskatchewan today. It is not time to relax yet. One cannot be too careful. For those who defy mandatory masks, think again. You can be careful and keep the social distancing, but you can’t count on other people to do the same. I was in Superstore this morning getting a few things. I was in an express checkout when a woman stepped right in my face. I was none too happy but I was grateful for my and her masks. What she wanted to do was to go before me as she had only ‘1’ item. A car was waiting for her. What she had was 3 items. I had 6. I was super ticked, held it in and allowed her to go ahead. What ticked me off more was her ‘God bless you.’ I wonder how often she used God to cover her unattractive behaviour.

There, I got my rant out! Holding it in makes me boil inside and out. I’m grateful to my fellow Instagramer and gardener for writing this post.

Be good, do good, feel good 🌸. If you want anything to be better, add goodness to it. Goodness makes things better.

We can’t add negative to a situation without making it more negative. It does not matter how right we are. Evil can only be overcome by goodness.

So, relax your shoulders, take a deep breath and smile. There is nothing better to do in any situation.

I’ve relaxed my shoulders, taken a deep breath and turned the corners of my lips upward. I’m also sipping a glass of red wine. Life is good. I’ve had my morning swim. I’m grateful I’m still allowed that and that the YWCA is still opened. I’m grateful to have my physical and mental health. True, I still grump now and again. I have to allow myself that. It’s being kind to myself. My arm from my shingle vaccine has just a mild ache. I haven’t had to take a tylenol today.

So here’s my adding goodness to the day. I bought some ginger and tumeric to pot up and grow indoors. I know it is cold outside and in the greenhouse but I can still grow things inside. It might not amount to much, but I won’t know till I try. I like experimenting and trying to grow new things. I was aiming for lettuce in the greenhouse but failing that, I’ve sprouted some in the sunroom. They’ve gotten leggy so I did some transplanting this afternoon. There are so many things we can do to help and boost our spirits and immune systems. What better way than to grow things? And if you are looking for some inspiration and information on gardening, check out this young man, Huw Richards and his videos on Youtube. He’ll make you smile.


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