Morning has broken. Another beautiful Saturday morning. No, I cannot go for my regular Saturday swim at the YWCA yet. Convid-19 still dictates on what we can and cannot do. But in a few minutes, I can do a yoga session on Zoom. I will let you know how it goes. And I do not have my Sheba at my feet any more. She is all around me. I am more at ease with her physical bodily absence. I still tear up at the thought. She is still my baby. It’s 7 weeks since she’s left. Yes, I’m still counting.

I am enjoying my sip of tea between key taps. I still show up because it is what I do. It is my mental health practice. Sometimes I am too tired, like yesterday. It has been exhausting experiencing the narcissistic, psychopathic woman next door. And it is very next. My kitchen window looks right onto backdoor and her driveway. I am often triggered just seeing her, especially when she is tripping back and forth across the street to the man who helps her interfering in our yard. I am dedicating this month of the Ultimate Blog Challenge to work my way out of losing my energy and power to her. I do not expect her to change, but I can. I found one helpful source this morning.

The power lies in me. I already know that. I want to stop explaining, explaining and trying to proof the truth of my words. In the end I can do more damage to myself. There’s much truth in the phrase, “The lady doth protes too much, methinks.”

The Zoom yoga class was a bust. It was my first one. I’m not familiar with the instructor and I’m as stiff as can be! I’m not in love with it. I’m better off with my qigong or Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. Nothing ventured nothing gain. Now I better move my butt and go for my bike ride. Get some sun and serotonin. Change my brain, change my life. Maybe I can come back later and catch up. I’m a day behind this Ultimate Blog Challenge. I’m a over a week behind Daisy Yellow Index Card a Day. I have no time to be maudlin.



  1. I have done all sorts of Zoom experiences but I have yet to do a zoom yoga class. Might be a great idea, actually… I am so stiff also and am attempting to do a Yoga challenge right now on a facebook group. I have found when I stretch every day even before getting out of bed my day goes better but…. I have to actually do it not just think about it. Always enjoy your posts.

    1. Thank you, Julie. I miss going to our in person aerobic classes and swimming at our YWCA. But they do offer Zoom classes. The Y-fit classes worked better for me since I’m used to the instructors. The mindfulness yoga and Yoga with Adriene on YouTube are excellent. Thanks for the visit. I will return the favour soon.

  2. Ah, a good morning bike ride. I miss those. In the hills where our farm is, my wife and I get out and walk the dogs a couple of times a day. Some days I feel like staying home but that wouldn’t be fair to the dogs. They love to run the hills when we are out and about. I tried Yoga once but like you, I believe Qi Gong is more my speed. Enjoy your ride.

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