Some enchanted afternoon I like to drop all my cares and to do list. To hell with them, I would say. I would put on my coat, scarf and toque. I would gather up Sheba, my fur baby and head out the door. We would open the gate and saunter out into the afternoon sunshine. The air might be a bit frosty but oh, it’s so refreshing.

All thoughts fall away and we are in the moment. We pick up our heels and kick a pile of fresh fallen leaves. They’re still ever so green. The frost caught them by surprise. Overhead, we can hear the rustle of the remaining leaves. They are not yet ready to let go. Just a little bit longer, just a little longer, they whispered.

This was our enchanted afternoon. The sky was blue and the grass still green. The yellow, orange and brown leaves crunched under my feet. My mind is idle but my senses are alive. I feel ever so enchanted by autumn’s palette before my eyes. I could ask no more of the day.


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