I’m still plugging away here, snacking on sour grapes off the vine and sipping tea. Not a great combo but it will have to do. I’m feeling a spark of better though last night’s news didn’t help at all. What is happening to young people today? Two teens were killed in two separate incidents. In Canada! Maybe sour grapes will clear the bad taste of life now gone wrong.

I mustn’t despair at the state of our world. I like to think that there is hope for humanity and for our planet though things look bleak. I have to concentrate on doing what gives me meaning and pleasure. I still have a desire to pursue excellence, love and what I love to do. I lose my way now and again. But I always return to my passions – of writing, reading, gardening. I am intoxicated by all the little things of this ordinary life. I mustn’t waste time despairing. I must indulge and celebrate living.

So let us sing the Anthem with Leonard.


  1. I love Leonard Cohen. Thanks for sharing this video Lily. And I have to believe that sanity will be restored at some point in this crazy world. Keep the faith baby.

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