It’s afternoon already, almost time for Sheba’s walk.  I need to peck out a few sentences before that happens. She’s barking her fool head off, answering a neighbouring puppy’s yips. I suppose dogs need to talk, too, but dang! They are noisy. They make it hard for me to think. Every time I get up, she has to follow. Talk about separation anxiety.

There, finally quiet except for the whoosh of traffic on the front street. It’s a beautiful day to be sitting out. Warm but not too hot, with a gentle breeze. It’s heaven here, tapping and drinking my decaf. I have made the kimchi this morning. It is going to be delicious – colourful and spicy. The blend of garlic, cayenne, paprika and ginger was quite strong. I had to open the kitchen window wide to air it out. The kimchi is now sitting in 2 pretty jars to ferment for 5 days. I can’t wait!

I did get a start on the paper stuff. I worked on my application for a new passport. I let my previous one expire without renewing for too long. Now I had to do the long application form. It’s mostly finished. It wasn’t too difficult but it did tax my brain. It doesn’t like to read instructions. I had to do my 4-7-8 breathing exercise to relax into it. When I look at the forms, I get overwhelmed by all the words and sentences. I had to take my time, not rush, and read each sentence, one by one. It’s the main reason I hate doing paperwork. I want everything to be done with a blink of an eye or a tap on the ENTER key.

Well, it’s getting late. I’m getting tired. Sheba got walked. The carrots got thinned, the front yard flower bed got watered and weeded. Supper’s ate. The wine is gone. Time to close down for the evening. I will be back tomorrow.

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