January 18, 2019  2:01 pm

When I bought my Honda CRV, one of the sales pitch used was that it can turn on a dime. Apparently it, or some other pitch worked. The truth is it was the hatch back and large cargo area with its rubber liner that sold me. It was perfect for Sheba. See what I mean? She has plenty of room to stand up or lay down and windows to look out of on all sides. It was her bedroom in summer when we went camping.

I haven’t thought of the dime feature for a long time. It’s just popped into my head the other day. Funny how thoughts happen. It was thoughts that triggered the memory. If you know me, you would know I’m a gatherer of information on how to do anything/be/live better. I collect but haven’t used much of what I’ve gathered. You can call me a hoarder. That is changing – I think. It HAS – really. Already, I’ve changed the header image and font of this blog. It’s looking sleeker, don’t you think?

Ok, back to the dime turning thought. I was feeling sick and tired of my thoughts, feelings, my whole f’ing life. Perhaps it’s the January blues, a new year after the old year thing. It’s not how I want to feel. I felt sorely disappointed in myself. I remembered all the things I’ve done, all the books I’ve read. To what avail? I ask myself. I’m sick of my attitude, too.

I have to change my thoughts or I’m going to be unhappy forever. Those words  popped into my head. Thank you Wayne Dyer for Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life. Yes, my thinking changed just like that – on a dime. But let me tell you, it can change back just as quick. I have to keep turning them around. In my mind I’m tossing coins. Sometimes I’m tossing flapjacks. It works. It shakes up my thought patterns. I can’t keep driving ahead. I’m going to end up in the ditch. I have to change directions, left or right? Any change is right to get out of the rut. I can change again when I’m out.

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