January 17, 2019  5:03 pm

I finally heard my call to action this morning. Repotting my plants has been on my to do list for many a days. It finally got crossed off. There never seems to be enough time to fit that in. I’ve never made time, as if one could manufacture it. It’s something I would like to do and hold that precious thing in my hands. Precious as it is, I’ve let it slither through my fingers like a sieve. Here today, gone tomorrow.

It’s been said a few times that I have a very green thumb. Even so, my plants have been crying for attention to deaf ears. Some were beyond help, like the dead potted rose on my desk. The leaves and blooms were clinging desperately to the dried branches. Likewise the little magnolia I grew from seed. It was long past its best due date. They’re in the compost now. But I managed to revamp the Spider Plant, trimming some of the wilty leaves and baby spiders. It needed a haircut. One baby spider is in its own little pot. Will it thrive? We will see.

It took most of the morning to care for these neglected plants. Maybe that was why I couldn’t get my ass off the couch. Besides, I know it was going to get messy. Life is messy, too. I hate cleanups, don’t you? It’s no reason to avoid everything because of a little dirt. It all sweeps up. I rolled up my sleeves and ditched a few more pots. Really, how many Peace Lilies do I need? They grow pretty fast. By summer I am sure it will be big enough to be divided again.


I resuscitated some of the geranium cuttings from fall. Some were done, dried up or rotted.  The once ever blooming African Violet is in a pot of new dirt. Maybe it needs a bit of fertilizer to bloom. The Cyclamen found a home in a mug.  The succulent will do better in  a smaller pot. They’re all now sitting prettily under the grow light. It’s time well spent. I wonder why I thought it was so hard. I should put hands on more often. It’s tender loving care not only for my plants but for myself.

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