It’s very strange. I’ve accidentally stumbled onto Suddenly Mad someone’s blog/journey through early-onset alzheimer’s. Her writing and artwork is phenomenal. It’s punctuated with many photographs. You would not know she has the disease except for the fact that’s what she talks about and how it has affected her. It took a little while for me to recognize that my writing is similar. I’m documenting my days and feelings. I’m trying to find solutions through writing. I also like to use a lot of photographs. I identified with her feelings of anxiety. And I wondered if I…

Today I read another woman’s blog, Which me am I today. She also has early-onset alzheimer’s. She has a book published. She was interviewed on CBC Listen. You would not know from her writing that she has alzheimers except that’s what she writes about – coherently and intelligently. Her relationship with typing sounds very much like mine. Her fingers can talk quite well. She also finds taking photos comforting. These give me another reason for pause.  Do I have the big A?

“When I type it’s a one way process; thoughts to fingers – often no noise, not having to be questioned and then type an answer…..just my fingers translating my thoughts into words.”

I could just laugh all this off BUT it sees so many people have some kind of dementia now. It’s enough incentive for me to be extra viligant and proactive about my brain health. The Cleveland Clinic Six Pillars of Brain Health looks like a good resource to check out. I’m sure there are many others. It is a start. I am ok in the physical and medical health department. Pretty good with  food and nutrition. I’m doing better with sleep and relaxation. I need to work on my mental fitness and social interaction.


4 thoughts on “BRAINS, THOUGHTS, WORDS

  1. Lily…I am always al little more enlightened after reading one of your posts. I would hate to think you have Alzheimer’s because your diminishing capacity would be such a loss to the world.

    1. Thank you, Karen! You are so kind. I’ve always have a fascination for the brain and mind. Perhaps if we have a next life, I would be a psychologist.

  2. Dementia is something I fear more than almost anything else, having seen my late mother in law go through it. If you seriously think you may have it, there are online resources you may find helpful (conversely, they may needlessly scare you.) Have you talked to a doctor or other health care professional?

    1. Perhaps I worry too much and identifying with those bloggers. There’s no history in my family that I know of. I do feel that I have the precursors that could trigger it. I have thought of discussing it with my GP at my next check up.


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