Some days it’s difficult to get everything done. Some days it’s impossible to get anything done. Do I sound like a broken record? I think so. I wonder when I will get my shit together once and for all. Is there such a day? I don’t think so. Let me stop the nonsense and put my head in the toilet for 7 minutes. There! I feel better. Let me ask you about your day. I’m too self absorb. There is a world outside of me.

Yesterday I learned of Maggie Kuhn on Facebook. Yes, Fb can be educational besides being gossipy and stirring up trouble. I like Kuhn’s message about old age being an excellent time for outrage. Thanks Maggie! I feel I have earned the right to be so by now. I’ve earned every frown, wrinkle and the sour disposition from my years on this earth. I’ve always watched my ps and qs, crossed my ts and dotted my i(s).

Dang it all! I’m mighty tired of being so proper. Let me be a little flexible. I’m not brittle yet. I won’t break and shatter into itsy bitsy pieces. I’m not sorry any more. Enough! Stop it! I’m going to act my age, claim my rights and be ornery and outrageous.

2 thoughts on “I’M NOT SORRY NOW

  1. You made me laugh. Is this why the older someone gets the less filter they have? Your picture looks like you are still a baby (as compared to us “older” folk) Still, I think any age is a good time to learn and practice flexibility, and say what you think even if it’s not politically correct. Gosh, if we all waited to be politically correct to speak, the world would be a quiet place for sure.

    1. Thanks Nita! The beauty with FB is you can put up a picture from whenever. Nobody knows any wiser except the people who know you. 🙂 Yes, I think I’m old enough to have less filter. I must exercise that benefit.


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