Having a micro moment of irritation. Wasted a couple of hours following through not procrastinating on ‘need to do’ chores. Was on hold for too long waiting for the ‘next available’ receptionist at the Veterinary Clinic to make appointment for Sheba’s yearly checkup. Was not successful. Should have waited till Monday as I was inclined. Then wasted more time online trying to register for President’s Choice Optimum card. After a bunch of Oops, something went wrong! it worked somehow. Why don’t everybody scrap their frigging points cards and sell at the proper price. Instead, they choose to make us jump through hoops for points. And we obey!

Okay, micro hissy fit over. I have to unwind from the day. My head is as usual full or empty. It’s not working well is what I mean. I am as usual tired. I thought I was done with the whining. It’s my end of day jabbering. Pay no mind. I’ve paid my bills so I’m happy about that. Also had an awesome exercise class this morning. And an interesting conversation with someone. Sheba and I had a good outing at the park after lunch. She could be a little more mellow though. Such a frisky gal for coming 12 years old.

What I need is a little supper and a glass of wine. I am sure I will mellow out after that. Still I am happy to be here, tapping out a few words and thoughts. I picked up some new ideas on Instagram for painting on cloth to use with free motion sewing. It has exciting possibilities. I haven’t thought about cloth as a medium before. Now I see it doesn’t have to be complicated. It is as simple as wetting my cloth. Then to draw or paint with my Inktense blocks, which is what I did on the underside of my cloth. When it dries, I will free motion sew on the top side, following the contours of the flower pattern,

I’m not talking as coherently as I could but doing my best at this time of the day. Good thing I’m not sipping wine yet. I will soon.

4 thoughts on “A MICRO HISSY FIT

  1. I love my Inktense pencils (don’t have the blocks) and used them on Oracle cards we made in our circle this week. Great idea to use them on cloth!

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