November is not a good month to make changes, adopt new habits or to set the world on fire. It’s cold. It’s dark. My hibernation response is already triggered. I dream of eating and sleeping. I dream of snuggling up next to a fire with a hot chocolate.

Still, I am planning to do some changes, some renovations to the body and soul. But aren’t I always? This time around I plan to put my plans into action. I have already done a couple. I’ve upgraded my iCloud storage to 50G. Only cost $1.20/month. I hope I won’t have to keep deleting photos to make more space for awhile. Then I got brave and is installing the latest macOS – High Sierra on my iMac. I hope it will improve like they say and not create havoc.

I can’t say for sure if these 2 items will improve my life. They just might add to my wasting time habit, the thing I’m trying to eliminate. Life is full of ironies. I need to be on my toes. Focus. Be in the present moment. That is what I must do. The High Sierra is installed. It’s messing around with Photos. I hope I will like it. The Apple people are so smart. They have ways of making money every which way. In order to store all my photos in iCloud I will have to do another upgrade. I won’t bite on their hook.

Well, now I’ve identified some my biggest problem – lack of focus and addiction to gadgets. My mind is splintered in many directions. I have trouble listening to people, especially when they are giving directions. I feel as my ears are weak, sagging. Then they shut down. Or is it my mind? And how does one strengthen either? I wonder if YouTube would have an answer. That would mean messing around some more on the Internet. More wasting time. Egad!

I will chew and digest this for awhile. I can handle only small bites at one sitting. I will be back tomorrow- I hope.

2 thoughts on “COME NOVEMBER

  1. I’ve given up on using my iMac for anything except storing the photos already there. It hasn’t been the same since my original Snow Leopard HD crashed. Then I bought a rebuilt one used and they tried to restore my hard drive contents to it. Carbonite was useless because my internet connection was too slow. Apple support just said everything would be OK if I upgraded to El Capitan. Not! Now iMovie is so complicated I have to use my PC Movie Maker to edit. I used to love my first iMac. Now I hate the one I have now. I don’t think I’ve techy enough for it. At least I can find things on my PC.

    1. Hi Barb: So far, so good. Nothing too messed up. My photo thing still organized into events, etc. I got the airdrop option which was missing before. I could live without it so I don’t know why I was fussing. No more upgrades for awhile. I think they’re just to keep us off guard and addicted and spend more money, waste more time. Grrrrrr!

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