DELAYED GRATIFICATION – Day 34 in a year of…

Day 34, August 25, 2016 @7:17 pm

I despair for words each day when I arrive.  What I need to change is my mindset and my timing.  Would I have more to say in the morning before I live the day?  My inkwell seems dry now, tired that I am.  It is a good thing I set my intention in the morning.  At least I have something to go back on.

IMG_7385I am a terrible procrastinator.  I don’t get a lot done because I delay and postpone everything by having a cup of tea/read a chapter/rest/anything else first.  Then I would tackle the task for a little while and repeat the tea, read, etc. My different today was to cut out all the delaying crap.  I got to the heart of the issue – tasks first, then reward.

I completed all my tasks.  The vacuuming was tough.  It seemed to go on and on.  Dog hair everywhere – under the bed, behind furniture, corners and closets.  Ugh!  I will be deliriously happy when shedding season is over in a month or two.  The reward was the floor felt so clean after.  Well worth the effort.

IMG_7387I was surprised by pleasure in hanging the laundry out in sunshine amid my tomatoes. I felt this smile filling me up from the inside as I hung each article.  Pretty silly, right?  It felt so delicious standing and hanging each wet article to be kissed dry by the sun.  I stored the feeling and memory in my body and mind.  I will call upon it to help me the next time inertia hits me.

That was the morning.  Then there was lunch to be made and dishes to do after.  I almost buckle after that.  But I called upon that sunshiny laundry feeling to help me out.  It gave me a little more energy to return overdue books at the library.  After that, Sheba got a reward to the dog park.  It was one for me too.  How do you reward yourself?

Till tomorrow.





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