IMG_0489By now you must know that I’m not a jubilant kind of person in the morning – even if it is summer.  My feet rarely hits the floorboards in a joyous bounce.  Rather, they reluctantly and languidly test the waters, ready to withdraw back under the covers if it is not to their liking.  I try not to give it too much importance, this nature of mine.  It is just ME.

IMG_1969And I always get up, dress up and show up for my life – every day. Some days are, of course, better than others.  Today is a reluctant day.  It is just a feeling.  I get up, dress, wash face, brush teeth and fix my bed head.  I am into the flux and flow of the day.

I read a little, tinkered some on the piano, stir fried pork with Chinese broccoli on my new cast iron frying pan for lunch.  It was a pretty good morning.  I was neither maudlin nor manic.  I was just right, if there is such a state.

IMG_6727The afternoon was spent digging in the flower garden, trying to tame the weeds and runaway ground covers.  How had I let everything  gets so wild?  My flower garden was as cluttered as my house and head.   It was so satisfying and therapeutic digging and clearing space.  It was time to become conscious and let the sun in.

Digging in the yard uncovered many things as I scooped up layer after layer of dead leaves and pulled away the Gout Weed.  I had spent too much time feeling others’ pain.  I had no time to feel my own.

Can you believe it?  I’ve just knocked a glass of white wine, thank goodness it’s small, onto my Mac laptop.  I watched motionless for a nano second before turning the laptop upside down.  Meanwhile it shorted and I was unable to turn it off.  I dried it off as well as I could.  I closed the lid to put it into a bag of rice and it lit up.  I was able to turn off then. I decided to leave it open, upside down to dry.

It is really the flux and flow.  I’m more in flux right now.  I’m flowing away on the wine.  I am surprise I am not more upset.  I could lose everything on my Mac as I did not back up anything.  Oh well, I will have a clean slate.  I can start over.  I can be a born again.

In the meantime I am poking along on my PC.  There is no hurry , is there?  You will pardon me if I am a little lax on the tenses and grammar.  I am sorry that I can’t show my peonies almost ready to bloom….maybe tomorrow I can take more pictures.

Tomorrow is another day in the flux and flow of life.

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