It is Easter Sunday and God is out in all his glory, shining his light and love upon us.

Sheba and I basked in the sunshine as we walked the streets this morning.  I have recovered from working nights nicely but still….

It is difficult to pick up the threads and rhythms of your life as if you are a normal person.  I do believe that we, shift workers are not quite normal.  Perhaps I should only speak for myself.  I admit it.  I am not quite normal.  That is not a bad thing unto itself.  It just means I am quirky, eccentric, weird, remarkable….But I am not flaky nor crazy.  There are subtleties.

With Easter comes the end of my official written journey in the desert.  But I have fallen in love with this arid climate.  I will stay and live in my desert.  I have not suffered nor deprived myself of anything here.  On the contrary, the desert has been very kind to me.  It has taught me many lessons.  It has tempered this stiff stubborn Chinese neck of mine.  I am a wee more forgiving, a wee more kind and opened to possibilities.

I am blessed.

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