A PROCESS – Getting Through a Day

January 13. The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

Getting through the day is not always an easy thing, especially when it is this Friday the 13th. There’s no black cats crossing my path. I didn’t walk under any ladder. I didn’t break a mirror. I didn’t stick my chopsticks straight up in my bowl of rice. No there was no bad luck involved. However, I might have been too over zealous with my skiing and exercise classes the last couple of days. Our warmer than usual January weather is also affecting me. I’m suffering the price of it all today. Regardless of how I feel, the beat goes on. It does not stop for me.

How do I manage? How do I go on or had I stop and let the music play on without me? I was tempted to be a couch potato for the day. Experience has taught me that had not been the best thing for me. Somehow a day could lead to another and another. Things will pile up. I will get behind and it will be struggle to work out of that inertia. What I do is slow down and work at a slower pace. I try not to look at the whole picture/job. I break everything into blocks/squares.

I’ve learned to do that working on my logcabin quilt. I couldn’t think of the whole thing at once. I built one block a day for a year. That way I wasn’t overwhelmed or overtired by the whole picture. I have all the squares, enough for a queen size quilt. They’re not all together yet, but they are on their way.

I’ve tackled this day in the same way – in small blocks, one at a time. I got through washing the dishes, one dish at a time. I made turkey stew with the leftover. It wasn’t easy thinking about it. I didn’t want to leave it any longer for the turkey to spoil. So I gathered my stuff – potatoes, carrots, beets, celery, turkey. Then I started to peel, wash, chop and threw it all in the Instant Pot and turned on the slow cook mode. 4 hour later – turkey stew. They’re portioned and in the freezer now for future lunches.

I’m really surprised that I got some of the floors vacuumed and is now adding the finishing touches to this post. And this post is built block by block. What a coincidence, eh, that WordPress thinks like me. I have amazed myself that thinking and working in blocks is so effective. It’s not terribly late but all the same, I shall not post on the daily thread. This is enough. I shall go to bed. Good night!

2 thoughts on “A PROCESS – Getting Through a Day

  1. I’m with you. It’s easier now to take projects in blocks. Before I would be able to take a lazy day off, stay in my pjs and veg out in front of a good movie or binge a show. After having a stroke, it would be dangerous to do this, I’m afraid that this could last for days. For now I can’t give in. I hope you rested well last night,

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