January 14. The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

I wonder if you can write a book review when you haven’t read the book yet. I’ve started 3 books at present. I’m a John Grisham fanatic. His books, especially the early ones, have always engaged me. I’ve just started reading The Client when the library notified my request for Babel was ready. We had a discussion about Virginia Woolf at a bookclub meeting. I’ve read about her and had seen the movie, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. I haven’t read any of her books. I’ve added To the Lighthouse. Having only read a few pages of each, it’s difficult to write a review of any of them.

Of the three, To the Lighthouse is the slowest read. It does remind me of another lighthouse – the one in Cape Three Points, Ghana. Here’s my photo memory of it from 2011.

3 thoughts on “THE LIGHTHOUSE

  1. Lily, your posts make me think of so many things, often all at once! I used to read novels, until I was married. Now that my husband has passed on, once I get everything organized, I want to create more time for reading books. I currently read many articles, daily, but I remember the mental vacation of diving into a big novel. I saw Grisham’s The Firm as a movie, and it was fascinating; also, as a movie, really well done. Thanks for the lighthouse images. I love lighthouses. The last one I visited was the Alki Point LIghthouse in the Seattle area; I think the Marines were maintaining it, when I visited; I got a personal tour and a lesson in proper maintenance of brass– fun!!

  2. I use to read books related to my work and self-development. The Pandemic gifted me with reading novels. I especially love memiors. Great photos. Come to Michigan for some great lighthouses.

  3. I used to love reading – anything but especially mysteries. I read anything Grisham. If I wasn’t involved after the first chapter I would usually give up.

    Love the pictures of Ghana. So beautiful!

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