October 12th, a cool sunny and breezy day at 7℃. I’m a happy camper, snug as a bug in the sunroom. It’s toasty warm here even on a cold day if the sun is out. Cutting down the spruce trees made a lot of difference. It created an ideal south facing space for a greenhouse. We didn’t realize how much shade and cool the trees provided until they were gone. Then the yard and the sunroom warmed and it up. In the heat of summer I had to keep the sunroom blinds closed for most of the day. It was still well lit as the 2 topmost windows had no blinds.

I’m a lover of light and space. Having these spaces and the sun today, I’m feeling tres mellow. It’s what happy feels like to me. Such a good sensation. I shall relish this moment and remember what happy feels like. I don’t always have it. Happy is not about having stuff or status because my stuff and status does not fluctuate while my happiness quotient does. So what does that mean?

6 thoughts on “ON HAPPY

  1. I can feel your happiness in every word. The absence of the trees makes a big difference. Your yard looks wonderful!

  2. Hi Lily
    I really like it warm too. Your solution to finding your place in the sun seems better than spending a lot of money on cruises to the south and ending up in Iceland. 😉
    We are in the process of negotiating a price to have two forty-year-old pine trees removed. Nothing lives forever.
    Blog on!

    1. I loved cruising way back. Went to the Carribbean a few times and once up to Alaska. I followed your travels a bit and was envious. But I am also a homebody. Taking down our two spruce trees cost a pretty penny. A couple of thousand I think. But my memory could be faulty. Happens alot nowadays.

  3. Great post – it’s so important to take the time to appreciate the little moments that make us happy! I definitely know what you mean about happiness not always being there – it can be a struggle at times, but it’s so worth it when we find those moments of joy. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing! BY the way, I love your positivity in each and every post that you write. 🙂

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