I have mixed feelings at the end of one month and the beginning of a new one. I am glad and sad. Glad to have closure of the old and a new beginning. I’m always sad saying farewell to the known and old. It is good to see the backside of April, the month of uncertainty. April wasn’t winter any more but it wasn’t quite spring either. We’ve had ups and downs. One day it was hot, the next cold with snow. Can we safely say that it is now definitely spring?

I definitely feel lighter and brighter. So glad that many challenges done. The Tax Return done and over for another year. The Ultimate Blog Challenge over. April Love over. I have about 22 days left in #the100dayproject. I have 22 drawings/watercolour to go. I’m working on putting together last year’s 100 quilt squares together. I have to sew 4 quilt squares to make one block. I now have 8 blocks. So 17 blocks to go. After that I have to put the 25 blocks together, add quilt battling, backing and sew everything together. It is best not to think of it all at once. I’m sure to overwhelm myself that way.

Now it is 2 days after April, 1:33pm. Lunch is over and dishes done. This is the worst time of day for me. I’m usually hit with overwhelming fatigue and sleepiness. Today is not as bad though I do lack ambition and energy. I am pushing myself to do my necessary activities of daily living. It takes effort and willpower but hey, nobody says anything is easy. I am sad to hear about Naomi Judd’s death due to mental illness. She had always been opened and outspoken about her depression. I do like the Judd’s music but I am not what you would call an ardent fan. I feel the connection because we are women and I have suffered depression. Who hasn’t? And I was also a nurse.

Because of Naomi, I am feeling a little more vulnerable today. I am more sensitive to the need of taking better care of our mental as well as physical health. No matter who we are, how rich, how famous, we all age and suffer the same. It is important to know ourselves and others and the world around us. It is important to keep putting one foot in front of the other the best we can every single day. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

8 thoughts on “THE DAY AFTER

  1. Beautiful quilt blocks, looking forward to seeing your finished quilt! I’m hoping to post at least a few days each week and Lia will share her Friday Story Time. Have I told you I love your drawings? ❤

    1. Thank you, Martha! I’m feeling a little slow with a lot to do. I’m taking my mother’s advice that once you hit 60, to slow down and make it easier for yourself. 😀

  2. Lily, I can relate to seasonal uncertainty, time-of-day fatigue, and your sadness around Naomi Judd’s passing. In the Phoenix area, a recent Arizona Attorney General–Allister Adel–just died over the weekend, “of mental health issues.” She was mid-40’s. I invite my clients to move into gratitude when they feel down. I hope your downness is only mild and passing.

  3. Hi, Lily. Virtual hugs to you. Now that my husband is gone, there are bouts of melancholia from time to time that I have to overcome. It’s good that you have activities to do. Those will help you get away from the clasps of deep sadness.

    1. Thanks, Bing. Sorry about your husband. I’m not doing too bad. Just my normal self. Yes, spring is super busy with gardening.

  4. The biggest and best projects are the ones where it feels like there are a hundred steps. I’ve been working on a cardigan for a month and am on the final sleeve, then I need to do the collar, then block, then sew. But for now, I’ll just keep my head down and do the step I’m on.
    If only there was a true cure for the afternoon slump. Today I am trying tea.

    1. That’s what I do – tea is the answer to everything. Good luck to you. The ups and downs of the weather affects my energy and mood.

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