The days are marching along. The temperature is rising. I had to open some windows in the house. The temperature in the greenhouse was 36.4℃ with 3 vents opened at 12:45. We had to open another. Now it is 26.5℃. I feel a little pressured. There’s so much to do. I’m thinking of the boxes of seeds sitting on the dining room table. I have to stay on my program plus a little more to get things done. I am sweating it. I will have that glass of wine with supper.

I am reacting to the crazy weather. Can you believe it went up to 16℃ today? My nose is throbbing like crazy. I had surgery on it years ago because I had a cyst growing into the bone. I know it sounds far fetched. It has caused me much angst even years after its removal. The first time I had it drained. I was too impatient to wait for surgery and the procedure sounded scary. I looked unsightly with a bump sticking out the side of my nose. I had a trip booked. I didn’t want to tour Australia with a bumpy nose. It was a quick fix but it came back seven years later. The second time I had surgery to remove it. The plastic surgeon made an incision under my gum line, peeled my lip back, cut and scraped the cyst off.

Being ‘just a bump on the nose’, I never got much sympathy or understanding. I had no visible scar. But the pain was constant and gnawing, long after my surgery. I never believed the pain was real myself either until I couldn’t handle it any more. At the appointment with my surgeon, he looked at me kind of weird when I told him I still had a lot of pain. Then he held up his thumb and said that the cyst was the size of his thumb, meaning it was BIG. He wrote me a prescription and told me where to to press on the side of my nose to ease the pain. It would have helped if he had explained things more and better post-op. All that I was told was the cyst had grown into my nasal bone. Nothing about the recovery or what to expect.

No matter. I have survived and am thriving. I worked things out over the years. Pain does that to you. It pokes and prods you to find solutions and remedies. It does not let you to stay in the same old, same old. That’s what it’s doing now. So I took a plain tylenol and am sipping on a glass of wine. I have to chill, relax and pamper myself a little. Just to let you know, my pain has much improved over the years. It acts up a little with weather changes. I also have arthritic pain on my left side from scrunching my face, clenching my jaw and tensing my muscles with the pain. I’ve been working on not doing that so life has much improved. Yay!

This post is a painful write. Hope it is not a painful read. It was not my intended write but I got sidetrack. So ends this 4th day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

10 thoughts on “A PAIN IN THE NOSE

  1. Hi Lily. As you say, pain does that to you, even if it insists you write a blog post about it, 😉
    hopefully, now that you have drained that out through your fingers to the keyboard, you will feel better to enjoy the wine. Please send some of that warm weather to eastern Canada, I cannot wait for it to warm up.

  2. The surgery sounds so uncomfortable. I’m sorry to hear that you still have pain even years after. You’re so right that pain can poke and prod you to find solutions and remedies. I have had to do this with neuropathy. So glad you were able to relax a little and take care of yourself.

  3. Hi Lily, Between your writing, gardening, skiing and painting you really are thriving. Thank you for sharing your life with us. You’re good motivation for me to keep doing what I’m doing no matter how easy it would be to get side tracked.

  4. Glad you finally got rid of your cyst. The thought of having foreign body in your nose, the size of a thumb is scary!
    The temps at your greenhouse are crazy, I would be melting away!
    Hope you enjoyed your glass of wine!

  5. given its size, no wonder it was paining so much.. hoping you feel all better soon.. and no matter you got sidetracked, thank you for sharing with us

    1. Thank you. I’ve gotten used to it. Mostly it’s become a slight discomfort, acting up when weather changes and I’m stressed.

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