It’s April Fools’ Day, an annual custom of practical jokes and hoaxes. According to Wikipedia, mass media can be involved in these pranks. I don’t think we are in need of any more pranks and hoaxes. We’ve had 2 years and probably more of pranks, hoaxes and conspiracy theories. Enough is enough. I am not a lover of pranks or light hearted stuff. Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt me to lighten up a little though.

Today is also the first day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I’ve neglected my writing space since the last challenge. I’ve been warming up the last few days to get back in shape. However, I don’t feel in great shape at the moment. I will give it my best shot though. I’ve been doing this challenge for quite a few years now. I enjoy writing/tapping. It’s my therapy of choice. I come to my keyboard and have a conversation/workout with myself. After I have unload, laid it all out on the page, I feel better. I can see clearer if I have a problem. It’s just good to get it out and not harbour the stress in my body.

Though I share freely here, it is not a confessional booth. I do have discretion, good taste and judgement. I do not reveal any secrets, sins or crimes – mine or other people’s. I share thoughts, feelings of every day life. I don’t have big stuff. My life is full of mostly little things that bring big joy and a sense of accomplishment and worth to me. I share my gardening experience and my other hobbies. We built a passive solar greenhouse last year. This spring is our 2nd year. I will be sharing alot about that. Last year I started planting tomatoes and cucumbers on March 9th. I lost a few but most survived. I’m not such an early bird this year.

I’ve just finished a watercolour art class. I’m presently embarked on #the100dayproject. I’m doing a sketch/watercolour a day. I will be sharing some of that also. This reminds me I have another challenge – April Love created by Susannah Conway. I have my work cut out for me. None of this is a must. I have taken them up. I want to have a serious go at each and every one. Oh, yes, I forgot one other challenge – Tax Return. And that is a must.


  1. I am looking forward to seeing your art projects and reading your stories about gardening and other things. Here in Western New York, we can’t start planting our gardens until late in May, so there will be no gardening posts from me. Hence, I will enjoy yours even more!

  2. Glad to see you once again in the UBC Lily. As always, the flow of your words remind me of beautiful things and graceful things.

  3. You’ve been so busy painting every day, it’s so impressive. Glad to see you getting back into writing as well. Don’t forget to breathe though 💖

  4. April is the month for unraveling the season. Growth is just beginning here. The weather is unpredictable, sometimes wildly so. I enjoy it, though! Peace to you!

  5. I am also doing April Love… I fell off the 100 Day Project AND I think I will hop back on. It was suick a difficult going there for a while but no need to believe it will continue to be. I always enjoy your work in whatever form it takes. 🙂

    1. We have a passive solar greenhouse. That’s how we’re able to. I have 2 cucumbers in there that I started in the house Nov. and nursed all winter. I planted them a couple of weeks ago. They’re flowering and if there are any male flowers, I can pollinate them and get some early cukes. What fun, eh. I’m in zone 3.

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