It is a cloudy afternoon. I am looking forward to a cuppa and my book. I thought best to put down a few words before that or I’m apt to be a no show for today. My eyes are feeling droopy already. I have laundry to hang after this. I wisely tended to the greenhouse right after the lunch dishes. Afternoons are tricky. The sandman tends to come – way before bedtime.

Mornings are my best bet. I always look forward to waking up, getting my morning cup of tea. Then I like to meditate for 20 minutes with Mark Williams. These days I got the NY Times Wordle game bug. I look forward to tackling it after my meditation. I am often distracted during my being mindful time thinking about it. I am an obsessive person. I need to use it in ways helpful to me. Too bad I am not obsessive about tidying and putting things away, especially my paper stuff.

The sky is grey. I feel a storm or/and snow in the air. This kind of weather makes me sleepy, achy and droopy. I had to force myself to get up, go downstairs and hang up the laundry. Well, all the items on my program are almost done. I can afford to droop all I want.

I got in my reading/cuppa time. And it did snow. I’m happy I got everything done, including writing this post and my daily draw/watercolour for #the100dayproject. I was especially tickled with today’s drawing result. It’s from a photograph of a trip to Japan with friends. I didn’t think I could draw a group of people. I didn’t think I had it in me but I remembered what my art instructor told us. Draw/paint what you see. It worked!

So the day is done and I can look forward to tomorrow. It will be another new day and new things to look forward to.

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