January 21, day 21 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I can’t say that I am one with the Universe though I am feeling better today. No headache and my eye is feeling better. It did caused me a bit of concern yesterday. That happens when you get a jab with a stick because you weren’t paying attention. Good thing I have experience as a nurse and past similar mishaps. I didn’t run off like a jack rabbit for medical attention though that’s what they tell you. I assessed and treated myself first. There was no need for the doctor at the moment. Sometimes I stressed myself more catastrophizing. Then there’s energy and time spent needlessly.

I was surprised at how calm I was. I was remembering all the Bruce Lipton videos I have watched. I have had the habit of accumulating information and material. The trouble is I forget to put them to use until now. It matters not how much smarts a person has if they don’t use any of it. No use just hoarding. In this case, you do lose it if you don’t use it. It is just a habit. I don’t need 50 ways of solving a problem. I can try with one or two first. Start small. Then build on it. I have to remember this one. Use what I got. I already have and know a lot of stuff. I don’t need to search, google, take another course, taken another summit of how to. I don’t have to buy more sewing and art supplies. I already have binfuls. I think it’s my way of procrastinating and avoidance. Like Caroline Myss would say, STOP IT.

January 22, day 22 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I am living my words. I can’t do everything. I am doing small. But I am not throwing out the baby with the bath water. I am still here, tapping away. I haven’t shown up every day. I haven’t posted every day, but I am still posting. I am still working on and participating. I am tired for sure. I had a 2½ hour watercolour art class this morning from 10-12:30. Painting is supposed to be therapeutic and relaxing. It is not at all when you are learning a new medium. I am, instead, tensed and exhausted like a wound up spinning top. It’s good to sit, sip and tap to loosen my muscles.

Watercolour Class – Still Life study

I would have loved a ski today. However, I am too tired. It is good that I can stop and not push myself. On the other hand I did buy more paints. It was on the advice of my instructor and the store had everything on sale at 25% off. Sooo…I’m being wise and flexible.

9 thoughts on “USE WHAT I GOT – STOP IT

  1. Lily, I love your apples. I have never taken a watercolor class-I am self-taught; therefore, I have collected lots of classes. I love the flow of watercolors and that I can just let the brush go wherever it wants.

    1. Thank you, Cindy. I was winging it with watercolours. I was using them same way as acrylics. The classes are helpful. I haven’t been able to let the brush go yet.

  2. What a beautiful painting Lily! Sounds like you got a great deal at 25% off your paints. Now go slow and rest!

  3. Lily, I am so sorry you got poked in the eye–by your sweet self? But how wonderful it’s clearing up. I admire you for taking a watercolor class, which I have never been bold enough to do! Your apple is beautiful! Please paint more and keep posting. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Kebba. My eye is all better. Yes, I poked myself bending over a potted plant. The stick was in the pot. I’ve removed it now so I don’t repeat the same accident.

  4. Lily…I love your art and thank you for sharing your life with us the way you do. I feel as though I may know you better than many others I “meet” in these arenas. I hope your eye heals soon and I think you have a talent you need to cultivate with your watercolors so that it becomes as pleasant for you to create as it is for us to see.

    1. Thank you, Karen. My eye is all better. I am grateful that technology has enabled us to meet here. I do believe that our souls can touch each other over the wires. My watercolour class is work right now. I am learning through making mistakes. I can see that now and it applies not only in painting but other areas as well. So that is a valuable lesson.

  5. I hope painting will eventually feel relaxing. You did well with those apples.
    “Use what I got” is good advice. It takes you further than moping about what you *could* or *should* have, and what *other people* have…

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