It’s day 5 of January and the Ultimate Blog Challenge. It’s also day 4 of the Positivity Challenge. Today’s positivity assignment was to go for a walk, hike or a bike ride. I thought a ski in the park would qualify, especially when it was in the -30℃ without the windchill. It sounded quite chilling but I didn’t find it so. It was sunny and bright, just right up my mood alley. We were dressed up in our Eddie Bauer ski jackets It was hard breaking new trails after all that fresh snow we got. I got into a sweat. It was work the first two rounds and pleasure on the 3rd. I don’t think I have to worry about being positive. I’m positive I could be it’s poster child. However, I will finish all the assignments. It never hurts to have more practice, eh?

The questions today from The Unravel Your Year workbook continues to be hard for me to answer. It reflects badly on me. It could mean that I’m not much of a critical thinker and/or I am lazy. I am not contributing to the conversation. I leave it to others to work out. So what are the questions?

  1. How has the pandemic impacted your life thus far?
  2. What have you learned about yourself during this entire experience?

On first thought I would not think that my life has changed very much. The pandemic did not cramped my life style at all. I live very simply. I like to stay at home. I am retired with a good pension. I don’t have to worry about employment and finances. I haven’t felt locked up or locked down. I’m not a restless person or a need to travel. I don’t have children to worry about them going to school or daycare. I would be talking very differently if I was in a different situation. I feel very grateful and privileged.

I will have to leave this and question 2 for tomorrow’s post. It is a heavy loaded topic. I want to do it justice and I am tired from my day. Tomorrow’s forecast is colder still but it is going to be sunny. Cold sunny January days are my friends so I will still put on my skis. I hope I will have time to experiment with making a pie crust. Fingers crossed.


  1. Hello Lily, I always enjoy your posts. Seeing you out enjoying the sun and snow made me smile. It was -6F here, I think that’s -3 C. I need it a little warmer to enjoy being outside. I’m looking forward to reading your post tomorrow about what you’ve learned about yourself.

  2. I woke up this morning to a world coated in about a 1/4 inch of ice. However, it quickly melted as the morning continued. I pretty much stayed inside all morning, with only a trip out to the post office.

    I certainly see the value in going for a walk, hike, ski, or doing something outside! A very positive activity that provides a great mental break as well as physical. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lily, I love the images of you bundling up and going for a little ski around, at -30 degrees C. For us in Phoenix, 40 degrees F is cold enough! I go outside each morning, no matter how cold, to greet God and reach out to the Universe. The cold air of these weeks is very refreshing and clears my mind and energy field. Thanks for your writings!

  4. skis for spin!
    It’s great that you don’t feel too much of the limitations caused by the pandemic. God knows there are others who feel HUGELY impacted even though I say they should rethink their priorities. I’m not talking about the ones whose livelihoods are in danger.

  5. Wait a minute, where’s the first part of my comment?

    I complimented you on going out with -30° temps and taking your skis for a spin! I would not leave the house if I didn’t have to.

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