January 4th, Day 4 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, Day 3 of the Positivity Challenge. It has been a challenging day. My positivity assignment was a date watching the sunrise or sunset. No phones. No devices. Just me and mother nature. The sunrise was rather bland as no sun came up. All I saw was the grey of the sky lightened by the white of snow everywhere. I thought I could kill 2 birds with one stone shovelling snow while watching. I was out in nature. Would you call a shovel a device?

The questions from the Unravelling My Year are:

  1. What was the best day in 2021? What happened?
  2. What was the most difficult day in 2021? What happened?

The questions are hard to answer. My 2021 was peaceful and tranquil. That is my thought at this moment. Of course I’m sitting here with a glass of red wine. What I know for sure is there were difficult moments but after they have passed, the difficult part is forgotten. What else I know for sure is I have grown stronger and more resilient with the years. I am a fighter. I do not dwell in darkness. I always fight my way into the light. I have always love winter, the cold and the snow. I love the darkness, too. It is a part of me. Sometimes the worse of times is my best of times. It drives me to create.

The Worse of Times

Doubt often creeps in
On fatigue’s uncertain feet,
Filling me with fear.
And I would have to reach
Deep into Faith’s pocket for trust,
And remember that often,
My worst of times are
The best of times.

Unbound Joy

Unbound joy, a girl and her dog,
Walking and running on the river,
Each lost in thought and dream,
Content, just being with the Universe.

God’s Land

Frozen expanse under blue skies,
My footprints in the snow.
Overhead a plane soars
On its way to Elsewhere.
I hear God’s voice calming me,
All is bright, all will be right,
In God’s land we abide.

Free Spirits

Jumping for joy
on the river of life,
Naked in our happiness,
baring our souls.
Leaping and laughing,
free spirits in the wind.

6 thoughts on “THE BEST AND THE WORSE DAYS OF 2021

  1. I’m glad you can’t even remember the difficult days! That’s pretty awesome! And how it will be looking back over our trials from a heavenly perspective—they will seem so small!

    God is good!
    I’m glad you have a good year!


  2. I enjoy your poetry and photos so much. Having a positive perspective is helpful – and I’ve come to believe reflecting on my perception of “bad” days helps me to see they weren’t so bad afterall. Honoring their message through being willing to wade through it somehow helps. 🙂 Always enjoy what you have to say, Lily!

  3. Love the photos! I too missed the sunrise and sunset but only because I work from home and was in Zoom meetings all day. There is always tomorrow! Think positive! XO

  4. Lily, I enjoy your writing so much. I especially like your poem about jumping for joy on the river of life. Even if you say you’ve had bad days or bad times, it doesn’t seem they stop you. It seems you keep skiing along. All the best!

  5. How inconsiderate of the sun not to make a proper appearance 😉
    A shovel is not a device in my books, but cleaning up snow was probably not what the challenge had in mind when it said “just you and nature”. You know, you were probably supposed to sit on a bench, breathing in – breathing out, feel one with the universe and stuff?
    Nice pictures, and I’m glad you mostly remember the positive things about last year.

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