These long stretches of hot summer days make me feel as if life is in limbo. It’s difficult to do anything cerebral. My brain is overheated. It cannot think clearly. It’s best just to chill and do just what must be done. In the early cool of the morning, when the temperature is in the low 20s℃, I do my gardening maintenance. This morning I focused on the front yard, watering all my perennial beds and fruit trees. And while waiting for the 3 raised beds to be filled from the rain cachment, I weeded here and there. It took about an hour and a half. It’s all I am able to do.

Yesterday morning, my focus was the back garden. I still have seedlings and spaces to plant. The garden was still in shade. Now there are no more spaces. It is afternoon and the backyard is in full sun. It is hot and sunny without the spruce trees. They came down last August to build a small passive solar greenhouse. It is well worth it. Even in this first year and our inexperience, it has been very productive. It does add to my busyness but very worth it. It forces me to be more organized, to work smarter and to value my time.

It looks like we will have another week of this hot weather and maybe more. Another week of drawn blinds to keep the house cool. Drawn blinds makes it feel like there is an illness. Indeed, our planet is ill. It’s a little scary. No, it’s alot scary. Record high temperatures. No rain. The whole village of Lytton, British Columbia went up in flames on June 30th. Will this, too, become our new normal?

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