Day 5 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I’m happy for these early sunny mornings. I’m on alert not to let my thoughts wander and meander into weedy patches. Sometimes it is hard to stay focus and stay on track. My main goal for this month is to find more time and ease for myself. That doesn’t mean lolling around but time better spent. That means being more mindful in the moment, not letting mindless scrolling through the Internet and not mindless fretting over things that I have no control over.

Some days are more successful than others. I need not to fret over the not so successful days and be grateful when I do feel the flow. I just have to let go of the moment as it passes and move and groove with it. How am doing so far today? Better, I say. I’m here already, tapping out the words. I’ve been interrupted by the guy looking for boxes to put seed potatoes in to chit. Chitting potatoes is a new term we’ve learned this year. As usual when you don’t need a thing, there’s plenty around and when you need it, there’s none.

I took the time to go downstairs to look for some. I found two with stuff we no longer need. In the process of moving and freeing them, I discovered a whole pile of dust. It was staring right at me. I decided the right thing to do was to deal with things needing doing in the moment. It’s dealt with. More clean space. It’s what I need to do with my head, too – clear what is not needed and clean the space, filling it with things that nourish. It is that simple. It will create more time and ease.

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