A beautiful morning for the first of May and the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I’ve been writing for it for quite a few years now but the first day is always an exciting time. It’s a chance to begin anew and to do better. Though my goal is to post every day, there might be days when it won’t happen. I will give it my best. I’ve set other goals for the month also. They have to do with giving myself more time to savour and enjoy. I’ve been running on empty on that account. There’s goal setting and setting goals. I’ve been on the to ‘accomplish’ these days. I seldom just do nothing. There’s that gadget I’m attached to. It’s like an appendage – the smartphone.

It does not allow me much rest time. They, whoever they are, are very smart at getting me and otheres addicted. I want to get free of this. I am sure that it adds to my forgetfulness and inattentiveness. I no longer feel like I need to remember anything. I can google for anything, right? Yes, I do google alot, but I’m finding that my memory muscle as well as my attention muscle are shot. It’s hard for me to retain anything. I do worry about Alzheimer’s. It’s a reason for me to be proactive now to detach myself a little from the phone and Iternet. Moderation in everything is the best advice.

I’m hoping that my writing every day here will help. I shall have to set aside this time to sit, rest and think about my words. They can open doors to many new and adventurous things. When I am busy doing, doing and doing, I have no opportunity to stand back and assesse. Am I enjoying what I am doing? Does it add to my life? What purpose does it serve? If I stop, what would happen? Enough questions to think about. It is early evening by now. I have been busy doing and doing all afternoon. It was enjoyable and needed doing. That I can tell you.

3 thoughts on “FIRST DAYS

  1. I can so relate to knowing of the need to rest but not always doing it. I am working on that, too! And I also am overly attached to my device – the chromebook. My iPad too. I keep trying to get one more thing done. But the good news is that I am doing better at resting and self care than I was before. Progress, not perfection.

  2. Hi Lily, here we go again. Speaking of smartphones, I did most of the text for my first post on my iPhone because I was having trouble getting my desktop to connect to my web site. Then it would not save to the site either and I thought I had wasted all that time and feared that I would not be able to put all those random thoughts together again. (Humpty Dumpty) Fortunately, it just kept trying to upload the text and eventually made the post. I found that out when I went to the site through the WordPress app. By that time the site was working and I could add the pictures.
    As for forgetting things, I heard a comment yesterday about someone losing their smart jeans.
    I thought they were like skinny jeans, but maybe more stretchy to allow for those larger meals.
    It turns out she was talking about smart genes, 😉

  3. So glad to see you back for another UBC Lily! Goals are set and we hope to achieve them but we also need keep time for ourselves. Excited to see what’s in store for the next 30 days!

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