Leftover Chinese take out is so satisfying in these funky Covid times. They do the same for me as french fries on night shifts when I was still working. The girl working the food didn’t even have to ask for my order. She was super generous with the servings. I think she was usually happy on something. They caught on to her and the servings were weighed. Then she was gone, replaced by someone much older, slower and with a dour disposition. And she reheats the cold fries in the microwave. One time I protested and wanted fresh fries. She said I was lucky to even get some. My co-worker was afraid she wouldn’t give us any food. She took the microwaved fries. I’m happy to find I love leftover Chinese noodles reheated in the microwave.

I think I am getting fed up now with everything – the sameness of our days. A year into the pandemic we know more about the Covid virus. We have started to get the vaccine. Yet our daily numbers of new cases of infection continues to climb. Our provincial population is a little over 1 million. We have 34,763 cases and 440 deaths. Taiwan has a population of 23 million, 1,048 cases and 10 deaths. New Zealand has a population of 4.9 million, 2,507 cases and 26 deaths. Singapore has a population of 5,885,188, 60,495 cases and 30 deaths. It is depressing to see how poorly we’re doing.

I’m soldiering on as they say. There is no choice. We’re not all in the same boat. Life in Taiwain now is much the same as in pre-Covid times. That is pretty remarkable given that their population is 23 million. We have alot of space to get lost in, here on the wide prairies. Spring is here. I should cheer and smile up. I’ve got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. The greenhouse is doing great. We got 3 self openers/closers for the vents installed. Once we get 3 more, life could be perfect. I can sit back, relax a little and count my blessings instead of gripe about the way things are.


  1. Hello. I feel the same Leung, and then look at my blessings and feel very privileged indeed. I was watching the news from India today(Tuesday 6th April) and really feel for the people there fearing the impact of another lockdown. It is interesting to compare countries and their rates of infection. I wonder if it is to do with how governments count infection rates. I know here in the UK there has been some concern that COVID-019 is put as cause of death when it is not always the cause but someone has tested positive within a period before their death. In some countries as was the case here, testing is not taking place or is not taking place at a rate that can provide sufficient data to give an accurate picture. In the UK we are heading out of lockdown gradually but I fear that this will still be not enough to contain further spread and risk further lockdowns. Last Monday we were told we are now able to meet 6 people outdoors and then next Monday 12th hairdressers and eateries with outdoor seating will be able to open up to the public and I think also non-essential shops. In May we will be able to meet with one(or is it two) households indoors. I won’t be going to eat out for a while as it will be so busy and difficult to book. I am busy with work and have my own bubble and have also been meeting new and old friends outdoors. The weather is getting better and I am always happy to be out in nature. I was saying to my sister on Friday, I don’t know how I had time for all the things I used to do. I wonder how things will be in six months time. Take care. Jan

    1. Thank you, Jan. Sounds like you have a good network. I am busy enough, too. I’m not suffering with the lockdowns and social distancing. But some days things do get on my nerve. You take care, too. I think going to work might be stressful but it does give a person a sense of purpose.

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