So it is December and what have I learned? November is over and things will never be the same again. Today our Covid-19 stats are, 181 new cases and 4 deaths. Our provincial government has not made any new changes. We, as individuals, must change and assume responsibility for doing the proper thing.

So it is December. A lot of things have happened in the last 11 months. It’s a year ago Sheba had a big hematoma in her left ear. It was big like a perogy. She had to have it drained 3 times. It was a tough one. There were many sleepless nights but we pulled through. We went back to enjoying our walks and romps in the dog park. She was good till she wasn’t. She went to doggy heaven middle of May. She was always a happy girl – right till the end.

It is December. What a year we had. My mother came down with shingles shortly before Covid-19 came to Saskatchewan. Oh, the pain, the worry. Then it went into her eye the day Saskatchewan declared state of emergency. Everything shut down. We were in a state of emergency also. We got in to the Eye Center at City Hospital. I lit a candle, said a prayer each night, asking others to do the same. Our prayers were answered. My mother recovered her eye sight. It was not till middle of May she had her last medical appointment.

It is December. Summer is long past but it was good. We had a successful growing season and good harvest. Autumn has passed, too. We’ve built a greenhouse. It was finished just before the snow came. Winter is here but I am looking forward to spring. I got a seed order away yesterday. I suspect I will be looking through the catalogues again and finding more to order. Soon January will be here. It will be time to start a few tomatoes and other things. Spring will come early for us in the greenhouse.

So it is almost Christmas. I hope we will have peace and less Covid. I don’t need to go shopping for gifts. I will be happy if we are safe. I will be happy if we love one another.


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