I think it is a good idea to start the week and end the month with a post on gratitude. Even though our province is still racking up high numbers on new Covid-19 cases, there’s alot for us/me to be grateful for.

  • It is a beautiful sunny warm November day for a ski.
  • The guy and I both have good physical and mental health. We have purpose. We are busy and happy with many interests and projects.
  • I am grateful to live in this province of living skies, that we have the wide open prairies. We have lots of space to move around. We are not locked in or down but we do need to be careful and thoughtful about what we do.
  • I am grateful to have had Sheba for almost 14 years. She’s the one that got me out no matter what, to look up, to see the blue and grey of the sky. She taught me unconditional love and true grit.
  • I am grateful for this day. It will not come again. Tomorrow will be a different day. It will be December.

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