Comitted – Must Deliver

Today is one of those days. I don’t have too much to say or show. Another sun-less day. It snowed quite a bit though. It made everything harder to do, psychologically if not physically. But I did my list. Well, I had an appointment to get my second shingles shot. I had to show up. I had phoned my mother that I would be out and about today. Does she need any groceries? And I told her that I would pick up some dim sim for lunch. I was committed. I had to deliver. That’s the way to get things done.

Decisions or indecisions can be so exhausting, too. I had wavered back and forth about everything. Should I go for my vaccine before it gets too Covid crazy? Was today a good day? Maybe I shouldn’t have asked my mother if she needed groceries or about dim sim. Maybe it was too much for one day. Then there’s the difficulty of picking from the menu. Of course, I worried too much about everything. I was tired before the day started. It will probably happen again. But I will be ok again.

I’m happy the day is over. I can let everything go. I don’t have to knock myself out. Like Scarlet said, Tomorrow is another day. Let it snow!


  1. You’ll be glad that you finished the shingles shot so you have protection from that horrible illness.
    I have to go out one more time tomorrow to get the crown put on my tooth that I broke back in March. I put off going to the dentist for months for fear of Covid. Finally went in in October and as Covid worsens here, I’ll be so glad to have it completed.
    It is exhausting to meet the challenges of what used to be simple before the pandemic.

    1. Yes, I’m glad I’ve got the vaccine. I watched my mother suffered with shingles this past winter. I haven’t done the dentist yet though they’re sending reminders. Just need checkup and cleaning. I think they can wait. I’ll be more diligent with brushing.

    1. You should check with your pharmacist or doctor, Roy. The latest vaccine is supposed to be 90% effective. The 2 shots are spaced between 2 – 6 months apart. My first one was in Sept. My arm was more painful and for longer. I think I’m doing better than this one. I’m moving it more like they told me.

  2. My husband had a terrible bout with shingles a few years ago but he can’t get the shots because of his RA. I’m glad you got through your day, now it sounds like a good time to relax and watch the pretty white stuff fall from the sky.

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