Come Saturday Snow

I’m looking forward to have a rest day tomorrow. I’ve had a full but good day. The prediction of a snow storm for the weekend was correct. I’m feeling the storm within. I’m feeling Caroline Myss’s statement of what is in one is in the whole. What’s in the universe is in me. It is a heavy feeling. I hope it passes soon.

I was happy to get my Saturday morning swim back. All the better that it is an hour later than the pre Covid time of 8 am. It wasn’t exactly a crowd but there were 4 more bodies than my previous pool all to myself. It is rather sad that it took a pandemic to make people stay home and not go south of the border. We have plenty of good stuff to enjoy. Too bad for me though. I lost my own private winter pool. But it was good for me to share and to swim a little faster. Some people are nervous. I could feel their frenzy in the water. I was happy enough to step out after doing 18 lengths.

The snow started coming down heavier in the afternoon. I was glad to get to the library after my swim. Two of my reserved books have arrived – Brave New Medicine and The Art of Fermentation. Both have very good reviews. I love Michael Pollan’s forward in the latter. He describes fermentos as a most interesting, eccentric and generous bunch. I like to think of myself belonging to such a group. To date, my fermentation adventure includes making sourdough bread and pancakes, yogurt, kimchi, kombucha and fermenting beans and Jerusalem artichoke. It is very rewarding. The book promises more.

Looks like winter and snow is going to stay. I don’t really mind. The snow makes everything look clean and lightens up the darker mornings and earlier evenings. We got our greenhouse finished just in time. It’s a good thing I rescued the little onions from the garden yesterday. It’s something already a little green I can plant in the greenhouse. Today I thought of the geranium and some succulents that can tolerant some cold. And I seeded some radish. The passive solar greenhouse is a total new thing to us. It is fun to experiment to see what can and cannot be done. What I could lose are a few seeds and plants. I will gain much fun and knowledge. It will all fill my spirit.

4 thoughts on “COME SATURDAY SNOW

  1. I appreciate having the recommendation of two more books to read, and nostalgia for the future snows of the season! So far, 70 degrees every day here in the PA Commonwealth!

  2. I understand that, what is in one is in the whole. I am feeling out of control and chaotic which reflects the world around me, globally, nationally and in my work and personal life. So it is good to see the snow covering everything and the shapes of your buddhas. The light this evening was so glowing with pink light falling on my garden. I meditated when I got home from a walk and catch up with my friend who is very wise. I feel calmer and taking time to breathe ready for the working week to start. People are scared yes. I hope your books, and baking, and gardening create a sense of grounding for you. Take care.

    1. I hope that your work week has a good start, Jan. We had a ton of snow over the weekend. Made me remember other past snowfalls when I was still working. I am much healthier physically and spiritually now in retirement even though I am older. I think I am content. I hope you will find that sweet spot.


  3. Oh I meant to say that the grounding and the inner peace we are working on will hopefully vibrate out to the whole in return.

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