A Walk in the Park

They say a change is as good as a rest. I believe it is true. Nothing is more tiring than the drone of the same day in and day out. There is security but no rest in monotony. Though I hate the thought of venturing out of my cocoon, I do. It’s good to change my posture and get some fresh air.

Since I’ve had Sheba, I’ve been walking daily, and twice daily when I was single with her. I haven’t missed more than a handful of days in 14 years. I thought that I would/could keep up my daily walks even without her. But I haven’t. Now it is 5 1/2 months that she’s gone. In the warmth of summer I had my bike rides to the community garden. It’s been a month or more since I’ve started going back to the gym. It’s still not enough. I miss my walks.

The thought of solo walks was not inviting but I bit the bullet. I started yesterday when the weather was not so nice. Once out, there’s nothing else to do. You walk, taking one step after another until you are home again. It’s that simple. Today was much nicer. 2 degrees Celsius and the sun was bright and shining. It made for lighter steps. I had a moment or two of sadness, missing Sheba. Where there used to be 2 shadows, there’s now one. I walked through our neighbourhood park. Kids on the tire swings, squealing with delight and two little dogs running like mad, chasing each other.

It’s wonderful to be out in nature even though it’s just a city park. There’s the sky, sun and the trees. Not exactly a forest but it will do. And if I close my eyes, I’m out there amid the trees and grass with Sheba.

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