How Much Toilet Paper Do We Need?

Sunday, a day of rest. It’s what I hope for. But how does a person actually rest? In my younger days, I used to sleep in, sometimes after 10 am. When I’m up, I linger over my toast and tea, listening to CBC radio. In the afternoon, there’s Oprah and soaps. In the evening there’s Law and Order, Criminal Minds, etc. I seem to thrive on crime shows and books. Somehow they relax me and chase away the blues if they’re visiting.

Now if I awake after 7, I consider it late. Lately, not having Sheba as an alarm clock and my blackout curtains, I’ve been sleeping in till 7. It feels late and wasteful. I still linger over my first cup of tea but I do not know how to sit with nothing after breakfast. I was still fussing about the non-existence of toilet paper of any brand at Costco the other day. Are we into scarcity and hoarding again? I was really irked, especially at myself for not thinking and planning ahead.

We’ve had a pretty good summer, Covid and otherwise. We weathered the first part of if well, too. So why are we doing this again? It’s like an avalanche. I can see and understand how it can happen. One or two people starts. Then another and another. Well, I better stock up or there won’t be any left. It’s the stuff of the not-good-kind of herd mentality. And I’ve caught the bug, too. I needed something to do after breakfast. I went to the Costco’s online site. There’s still some toilet paper and paper towels available. It’s good that they set a limit of one per customer. So I ordered one kind of toilet paper for ourselves and a different kind for my parents. To offset the delivery I added paper towels and maple syrup to my order.

I am paying a little more than in person shopping. It’s worth it not having to trudge from one place to another to see who has toilet paper. And it’s delivery right to the door. No need of huffing and puffing, lugging awkward large packages into the car, then out of the car into the house. Now that I got that out of my system, maybe I can figure out how to rest.


  1. Good one Lily!!! My husband thought I was nuts with the Scott Towels….I already stocked up on toilet paper! I sent him out to Wal -Mart and he came home and announced he got the last one!!!! Our second wave is not good so lots of hibernation except for a weekly grandkids drive buy!! Haven’t seen my Mom in over a month but had some FaceTime calls, sadly she thinks I’m her mother but I go with the flow. Take care, stay well and keep on blogging!

    1. Thank you, Terry. You have worse 2nd down east than where we are. Our numbers are going up but we are still very lucky. I’m still going to the gym and swimming. So sorry about your mom but at least there’s FaceTime. My parents are still in their own home so I see them regularly. My brother does most of their grocery run. I do their medical appts. I’m taking them for their vaccinations tomorrow. My paper supplies are coming tomorrow. We have flour, yeast and rice. Our greenhouse will be done soon, I hope. And I can grow some greens.

    1. I like to stock up with the heavy weight/bulky stuff in the fall anyways before winter even before Covid. That’s how my mother taught me to shop. Less hassle carrying with winter coats, boots and mitts.

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