Happy At Last

It’s a cool overcast morning. It’s the kind of day I want to curl up with my quilt and while away the moments. Instead, I’m sitting here tapping and eating left over pizza. It tastes mighty fine. I think I shall have more. I have to give in to these urges now and then. I have to give myself a break or two. I wanted to cancel my exercise class this morning. I meditated and talked myself out of it. Then the exercise cancelled me! A water main problem. No water at the facility.

The universe does listen to us and give us what we need. I’m more attentive now. I try to respond instead of blindly react. I’ve had some very full days and in need of a rest. I’m happy nature is giving it to me. I don’t have to feel guilty about being out and making hay while the sun shines. It’s taking time out, too. There is a reason and season for everything.

This is the season of seeing and understanding for me. My fellow bloggers in this UBC seemed to be writing for me, about things that I specifically need to see right now. How wonderful of them! And the things are not really new to me. It is that I’m seeing and understanding in a different light. It makes me think, Well, how stupid was I! It makes me give my head a shake and a slap to my face. Most of all, I’m singing to myself. I’m happy. At last I’m happy.

And what might those things be, you wonder. They are really simple. I’ve probably written about them myself many many times before. But until they hit, electrofied and lit me up like a LED bulb, I never truly understood the concepts. I think we each have to figure out for ourselves what adds and what takes away from our lives.

11 thoughts on “DAY 9 UBC – HAPPY AT LAST

  1. Just reading your blog today makes me feel happy that you are having a great day. Your bread looks delicious!

  2. Admitting, that I am not very particular for physical exercise. The only reason is I keep on giving excuses to myself so that I can avoid exercise. That’s my bad habit.

  3. Enjoy the gifts of rest and reflection that the universe has sent you today. Glad you are happy and try not to be too hard on yourself about past ways of thinking. It would be good to be able to go back and do it all again differently however I guess we just have to let go and forgive if we want to be happy and content in the here and now. Wishing you a peaceful and joyful day.

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