Sunday, a day of rest – supposedly. Since I’m retired every day could be a day of rest. I haven’t found it so. I’ve lost my knack for idleness. I hope to tap my way back to my chaise lounge. I used to be so good at languishing and contemplating my navel. Oh dear! What has happened to me? Can I get myself back?

No use in crying over lost skills and spilt time. I should focus my attention here and write  this post for day 26 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I get myself all a-jittery shifting my attention to one thing, then another. What I need is something like a cattle chute or Temple Grandin’s hug machine. Oh, great! Now I’ve diagnosed myself with autism as well as ADHD. I guess if the symptoms fit, I might as well learn and work with them. It might be of benefit in the grand scheme of life. I wonder if Sheba’s thunder shirt would work for me.

In the meantime, on with the post. It must get written. Sunday is our morning of sourdough pancakes. I feed Oscar (my sourdough starter) daily for that purpose besides making bread. I like mine with just one fried egg and smeared with just a tad of maple syrup. I look forward to them as much as my occasional whole enchilada breakfast at A&W (2 fried eggs, 3 breakfast sausages, brown toast and hash brown) after my Saturday morning swim. It’s like a winter getaway for me. AND it’s much cheaper than going to Mexico or Cuba, even if it’s an all inclusive.

I’m cheap to keep if I need to be kept. Lunch is on in the Instant Pot. I’m making chop suey soup. Chop suey means a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I opened the freezer and found a bone and 2 slices of ham. In the fridge was some leftover roast beef, wilted celery, 3 still plump mushrooms and a couple of carrots. They all ended in the pot with a few other items and some water. The lid is closed. I pressed the soup button and and 75 minutes. Now we are minutes away from eating.

Did you know that Canada is a chop suey nation? There’s a Chinese cafe in almost every small town in Saskatchewan/Canada. I had a mission of visiting them this summer but only managed one. Someone else already had that idea and written a book about it. It’s called Chop Suey Nation if you are curious. It’s my story and every Chinese immigrant’s who or whose parents had a cafe. So much for writing today. Onto some other chop suey. Here’s a fun video to take us out.


10 thoughts on “CHOP SUEY SUNDAY

  1. When I was young (back in the 50s and 60s) I slept under wool blankets, and to this day (although I don’t use wool blankets anymore) I need the weight of blankets to feel secure. I think thundershirting ourselves is a good idea. It’s interesting that dogs and other creatures also seem to find the pressure of a hug soothing.

    1. Thanks for reading. Temple Grandin is fascinating. I heard her interview on CBC and was intrigued. Wish I could find it in a podcast but it was quite awhile ago before podcasts exist.

  2. I never realized that “Chop suey means a little bit of this and a little bit of that.” I am a great Chop Suey Chef then! Most of the time I cook, it is a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Rarely do I use a recipe from a book or (dare I say) a package.

    And like Martha commented, I want to know about the butternut squash! I kept reading look for that! The picture drew me in! LOL.

    1. I put squash in the soup, Paul. Sometimes I use it in stir fry with other vegetables. I guess you can call it pan roasted vegetables. Less stress when you just toss a little of this and that in the pan or pot. I really recommend the Instant Pot.

  3. I am hungry for Chop Suey! And my son is probably going to go to college in Canada so he can get it there! Who knew? Thanks for sharing. I love to get in the water and swim or do water aerobics! It is so calming to me!

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