It’s dang cold out, perfect weather for dreaming of spring and all green things. I’m all ready to seed a few tomatoes, petunias, geraniums and microgreens. Then there’s the two marijuana my brother gave me. Now that they are legal, I’ve lost interest.  But since I got them, I might as well plant them. I just have to take the time to do all this.

I like winter. I don’t mind the cold. It was perfect weather for baking sourdough bread today. I fired up the oven to 500 degrees F to start the process. Everything gets toasty warm. Soon the house is infused with the aroma of bread and I’m mellow. Who could ask for anything more? On cold winter days, I think of the glow of the grow lights and bread baking. I feel toasty and comfy inside out.

I will complain about the cold, too. Everybody does and so I do too, to commiserate and not to feel like an odd ball. Cold days are good for curling up in the sunroom with a book. I don’t mind going out in the cold. Sheba and I trot out every day in our furs. We both like black. There’s so much more of fashion with winter – the scarfs, mitts, hats, toques. I love wearing sweaters and vests. Think what you would miss in a hot climate. You get to wear less of everything.

Oh, I should not crow too much about winter. The high tomorrow is -30 C. So better cover up your bosoms, girls. Not exactly tanning season but it is going to be sunny. I might change my tune after this week. It happens with too much of a good thing. Good night to day 13 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.


5 thoughts on “WHY I LIKE WINTER

  1. I can certainly appreciate what you’re saying here. The funny thing is, I spend most of my year dreaming of winter, snow, and ice! Absolutely the perfect time to bake bread.

  2. We left the cold winter weather for the hot south to take care of my mother back in 1994. How I miss those cold snowy days. I remember coming inside from snowmobiling in minus 30 degrees, sit by the wood fire and drink hot cocoa!

    1. It got down to -34C today. It is very sunny. Perfect day for having a lunch with girls I worked with and reminisce about the good old days and what’s new in our lives.

  3. The older I get the less I like the cold. If it has to be cold, I want a snowstorm to watch while sitting by the fire. I want there to be no reason to go out in that snow unless it’s to play with the kiddos in my life. Then I want it to be springtime. The End.

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