This life is no gravy train. It’s a tough ride with no operating manual. That’s right. I’m tired and doing the tiring talk. Have to start somewhere, somehow. Finally sitting down, with nowhere to hurry to except to the supper table. I might have to learn to talk a little faster without all my sighing. It’ll be tough. I feel like falling into my coffee cup, but I’ll give it a serious go.

Go, go, go. That’s what it was today. First to the morning AM Energizer class. Couldn’t miss that because it is very good for my brain and body. Then it’s home and get the rice going in the Instant Pot, get the lettuce into a salad and pop the salmon into the oven. Lunch is ready and served. Time is of essence. I have to catch the bus to the U of S. Parking  on campus is almost impossible unless you want to pay heaps.

My class through SSCL started today at 1:30 pm. It had to snow a whole pile early morning and it’s windy as all get up. It’s a good thing I had registered and paid early. Otherwise, I might not have bothered. As it was, I cursed myself for making the commitment. But that’s the way for me to get somewhere/things done. Left to my drathers, staying in my comfort zone, I could very well turn into a hermit.

I braved the wind, the cold and snow. Caught the bus to and from the U of S. Got home. Walked Sheba around the neighbourhood. We I huffed and puffed trudging through the snow. It was a workout! I surived all that. Supper is over. I’m sipping the last of my wine, tapping the end to this post. Day 8 post completed for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

8 thoughts on “NO GRAVY TRAIN

  1. Love the deal was of this, sounds like a full day and a glimpse into your life. I honor your commitment to getting the important things done and this blogging challenge too.

  2. It is great to read your blogs about all of the trains you have tried. If you cannot find the train that is right for you, the bus to the U of S is probably the best for now.
    And don’t forget to keep blogging on.

  3. Lily – I can so relate to your description of becoming a hermit without making those commitments. I always think it’s a good idea to sign up for something – then wish I hadn’t and have heaps of trouble motivating myself to get there – but usually have a great time once I do.
    I’m happiest when I’m left alone with my words, in my own little world.
    I am glad you made it to your session and applaud you for braving the snow and cold.

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