Good morning! Welcome aboard to this 2nd day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I hope you and I will stay on for the whole ride. I’ve been doing this for a few years now. I have enjoyed and survived most of the challenges, though I did fell off the train in October. Yestery, I climbed back on again. I heard Cat Stevens singing Peace Train in my head and I had to get back on. ” ‘Cause I’m on the edge of darkness. There ride the Peace Train. Oh, Peace Train take this country. Come take me home again.”

Yes, I’ve been on the edge of darkness and I’m riding this train home to the place that I belong. I’m in my chair. The keyboard is the tool of my command centre. And I am the conductor of this train. It’s good to feel in control again. I was lost, awashed without a shore to land on. It is such a comfort to feel the tap, tap beneath my fingertips. I feel anchored and grounded as I watch the letters and words march across my screen. This, then is my drug of choice, my SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor). It takes me out of the dark tunnel and has very little undesirable side effects on me.

I’ve been on the word train on WordPress since 2002. I found it much easier to work with than Blogger. I write for the pure pleasure of putting words and pictures together. Words speak to me in pictures. Pictures speak to me in words. I’ve ridden my soul train through many posts/stations before I realize it was rocking and easing me through the storms of life. It was very good for my brain. I found the Ultimate Blog Challenge perhaps in 2014. In between I found other tribes in Friday Fictioneers and other writing challenges. It’s always good to have company on a long journey – to share a virtual cuppa, ideas and stories.

I can always use some help in organization, format, grammar, etc. I tend to plop down and write off the cuff. It’s no way to be a conductor and run a train. It is my goal that I will get to the final station on January 31 without derailing.

4 thoughts on “ON THE WORD TRAIN

  1. My writing style is similar to yours, I don’t really plan a subject, it just pops up in my head. I also get ideas from my photos I’ve taken. I’m on the train with you!

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