I hate getting pissed off, losing my cool, blowing my gasket. I hate getting defensive and then feeling guilty, that it is always my fault. But then it is, isn’t it? It is me, or is it I who does it all and feels it all? I have to stop all the crap, but how the hell do you do it?

How do you break the spell? I would have to borrow Tinkerbell’s wand or put on my own thinking cap. The better bet is putting on my cap. The magic has probably expired on the wand. Tinkerbell has been around for a long, long time. Her stick is probably quite rusty by now. Let me get off my duff and dust off that cap of mine. I’ve been lazy for too long. My telemeres will shrink, shrivel and die if I don’t use them.

I hopped over to Wikihow, the site on how to do everything. It’s a pretty good resource for many things. I like what it says about handling anger.

  1. Set a rule for not yelling, ever.
  2. Learn to spot anger cues.
  3. Address issues immediately.
  4. Do daily relaxation techniques.
  5. Practice self care.
  6. Talk to someone you trust.

You’ll have to read the articles yourself for all the fine details. For myself, I think the spell is broken now. I have been working on all the above points. They do work but I am not 100 % foolproof. Sometimes I fail. I yell, am blinded by anger and don’t do any of the above. I pay the price for it. Then I lick my wounds, tuck my tail between my legs and admit that I have more work to do.


4 thoughts on “BREAKING THE SPELL

  1. So you mean you’re human…is that what you’re saying Lily? Give yourself some grace when you give way to anger. It happens to all of us.

  2. The important thing is, you are trying. And you understand yourself. It will improve, because you want it to. When rechanneled, anger can be a good thing.

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