Today, instead of breakfast and lunch, I had my whole meal deal in between. I’m rethinking everything – working on being flexible, living my life and staying with the program. I don’t have to give up one thing for another. Having a date with friends for breakfast at 10 am means I cannot go to the 9:30 aerobics class but I could go for a half hour swim at 9. That was my plan. I could skip breakfast and have a full meal later. It would be my breakfast and lunch.

That was my plan. It was a bit iffy in the morning. I felt like hell in the morning, whether if I was really feeling physically yucky or if it was my unconscious excuse of not feeling up to it. You know how it is. I’m always looking forward to something until it comes up. Then there’s a drawing back, a dreading of the thing, wishing I had never thought of it. I had 2 hours to work out my yucks and dreads. First, I took an extra strength tylenol and did my 4-7-8 breathing exercise. Then I sat in meditation with my tea for 20 minutes. I felt somewhat better after.

I proceeded to pack my gym bag as if I am going to go for my swim. I had my slice of honey dew and a teaspoon of coconut oil so that I would have something in my stomach for my medications and vitamins. I felt well enough. I thought I could swim and live to tell about it after all. And I did.  I am glad I pushed myself out the door. I had been a regular Saturday morning swimmer until April. For some reason (most likely a sinus issue) I had stopped. I am like that. Once stopped, I have trouble starting again.

I am just learning not to give myself too hard a time for it. I have a better chance of going back to a good habit/exercise if I show myself compassion instead of bashing. The swim was just what I need. The water warmed my body, soothed and smoothed out the aches and pains. Getting to the pool and into the water gave me a sense of accomplishment. I did not let myself dwell in physcial miseries. I feel confident I can get back to my weekly swim.

I had it all today. My splash in the water, good food and good time with friends. After, Sheba and I did some mindful romping in the dog park. No snacking today and a sensible supper. So ends day 5 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Only 26 more days to go but who’s counting, eh?

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