The wind has subsided a bit. Likewise my anxiety. Caroline Myss is right. What is in one is in the whole. We are all connected, to each other and the universe. The howl of the wind was a dark song wailing through my being the other night. It seems to be picking up force again now as I speak. But it doesn’t have quite the malevolence in bright daylight. I’m not as reactive as I was. A good combination.

Coincidentally or is it, that I watched Deb Dana’s episode, Exploring the Science of Safety and Connection on the The Brain Change Challenge. Our autonomic nervous system is very complex and interesting. I gained much insight and some tools for navigating the adventures of living daily with mine. I want to be in that place of safety and connections and not in fight or flight. Nor do I want to be stuck in being scared to death all the time. Learning is still very exciting to this aging student.

So here I am today, sitting here tapping on my keyboard. I feel pretty warm and mellow. No heebie jeebies. I’ve been reading a section on miracles in Larry Dossey’s The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things. I could feel my body being suffused with pleasure as I read Rita Klaus’s miraculous recovery from MS and Vittorio Michelli’s cure in Lourdes. I will seek out more of these pleasure moments. They are good antidotes for my anxiety.


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