April 3. I’m plodding along like Big Foot, dragging a heavy load. Life feels heavy. I’m trying to do my paper work. It’s an agonizing chore for me. I’ve got the bills paid but I’m not good at all dealing with sorting, discarding, and filing things away. Income tax return is due at the end of the month. My head feels like it’s full of nettles. I want to bang it on the desk. Ugh! But I shall bear the pain and breathe through it. Tomorrow is another day.

How many times have I utter that phrase? Probably more than Scarlett O’hara. I better snap out of my smart remarks, get a grip, sit down and devise a workable system of dealing with my paper stuff. How much time and energy have I wasted letting things pile up again and again? Probably tons.  Each time I have to dig around to find and figure out where, when and what had happened. I have a log book where I keep track of my bill payments each month. It’s working well. I’m seldom late. Perhaps I should keep a log of my other activities such as health appointments, meetings with the banker, etc. At least it would be contained in one place. I would not be hunting for scraps of paper each time.

Then there’s my tendency to toss things on the diningroom table. I never open the mail right away. If I do, I seldom deal with it then. I leave everything till – whenever. I have to cut that out. I have to deal with things right away or it doesn’t get done. I have to train my brain to do it even if it is uncomfortable. Egad! I have had enough now. Tomorrow is another day.




  1. I have heard of the “Ohio” principle – “Only Handle it Once” – and every once in a while, I actually do that, but most of the time, I struggle with paperwork, too. My light box helps a lot with helping me get to things that I would otherwise put off, but it doesn’t make them any more pleasant than they were before. 🙂

    1. Thanks Jeanine for your input. Seems so silly that I have this problem for so long. Feels like I’m going round and round in circles.


  2. I hope you can remedy this tendency before it causes problems like interest charges on payments not made on time or not being able to find a replacement credit card.
    Too bad there is not a pill that will fix the problemm ;(

    1. I’m working on it, Doug. I have experienced problems already like interest charges. Today I’ve found an outdated cheque I haven’t cashed from shopping at the Co-op. 2nd already. 😦 At least they’re small ones and I’ll get them back eventually. I will learn eventually. Thanks for reading.

  3. You are singing my song. All together now TOMORRRROOOWWWW.. So a suggestion that I’m sure will work, course I’m still figuring it out. But check out LEARNDOBECOME. There is a system there that i am convinced will work. Takes a lil upfront time to conquer but is very doable.

  4. I have gotten into the habit of opening mine straight away and then I add to my diary when received how much? It always works well and doesn’t take but a few minutes per day to do…Those I receive on-line I flag and write in the diary…

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