April Fools’ Day and first day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. The participants are called upon to write a post a day for the month. I am still on standby mode, having difficulty to move boldly forward. I am hoping the challenge will snap me to attention and breathe some life into me. I have such difficulties with all of life on any given day. But I do try my best on most days.

I do not always succeed to rise above myself. Therefore I’ve learned to accept my failings as well. I do not stay down though. I do rise like the Phoenix from the ashes of my failures. I take the lessons learned and apply them to my new endeavours. Each day is a new beginning, a new slate. A failure is an experience, gained knowledge and wisdom. Nothing is wasted. Every effort is rewarded somehow. I am never hopeless.

What are some of my lessons learned?

  1. I am not a high energy person. I cannot multi task. I cannot take on too much on any given day. It is wasted time and energy if I do.
  2. I have an ADHD brain. It is just a great
  3. big mess. I have problems with executive function – especially in  managing paperwork and finances, creating schedules and meeting deadlines, checking details and tracking progress, ensuring consistent, steady, uniform output.
  4. I know what I’m suppose to do. I just can’t do it. I need to sit down and write out a plan. I just haven’t done it yet. I need to start small to get going.

I’ve probably said all this last month. I’ve said it again this month. There’s no better time to actually do it than the present time. April is the hardest and cruelest month, a month of challenges, goal setting and doing what I said I would.


3 thoughts on “ON ANY GIVEN DAY

  1. I find that March is my hardest month. I think it is a combo of allergies and Daylight Saving Time that throws me off. But I can relate to your difficulties with executive functions, too. Hope we get to see your posts this month.

  2. Lily…so good to see you here again. I love your posts. Thanks for sharing your secrets with us. You have so much good to say to the world. I hope you continue.

  3. I think a wise person coined the phrase “April is the Cruelist Month”. The important thing is you understand yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. Some people never figure that out. You are way ahead of many – you are human, along with the rest of us.

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