January 24, 2019  10:25 am

I have finally fallen off the busy merry go round and live to tell about it. I have to sit and savour it, let the feelings sink in and permeate my being. Hmmm, I’ve languished too long in the sunshine of my day. I am well marinated in the do nothing. I am now in the dark of the evening. It feels good to let things be just as they are. They’ll still be here tomorrow. I sweat too much over small stuff. I am learning not to give a fuck.

It sounds like crude language.I t is not meant as such. It grabs the attention. It is a definite statement. No misunderstanding nor explanation necessary. I’m still talking about Mark Hanson’s book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. Truly I give too much fuck about too many things. I waste alot of energy and myself to things that don’t matter. It’s time I get educated and be more discerning.

I have to give some thought as to what is f’ing worthy. My health and well being is at the top of the list. Having an income to provide my basic needs is another. It gets more difficult to identify after these obvious. Certainly I want to be happy. But what exactly does not mean? Family and friends are important. How important and how much should you invest in their relationship? These are just a few thoughts to start those wheels whirling in my head. They don’t have to start tonight though. It is time to say goodnight for this 24th day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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